Are You a Human? | Episode 6 “How to organize your knowledge”

Best Call Center Software: CloudTalk

In this episode of LiveChat’s ( “Are You a Human?” our Support Heroes will tell you how they organize their knowledge. As a Support Hero, you have to know your company best. There are a lot of things you have to learn at the beginning and there is a lot of information you have to update during your next months of work. See how our people handle it!

0:13 How to get a good grasp of the basics during your first weeks of work?
0:53 Product and offers can often change. How do you keep your knowledge up to date?
1:20 What tools do you use to organize your knowledge?
1:55 What are your non-chatting activities that let you organize all the coming up knowledge?
2:26 How do you make sure that you’re doing a good job?

Best Call Tracking Software: Nimbata

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